Important Update of our Movement


Today we went to PMO and got the following information on status of our letters sent:

1. More than 7000 letters have been sent till date from all over the country and out of them more than 500 handwritten letters…its a great acheivement guys…any official to whom we talked about our issue is aware that bulk letters from across nation have been sent on single issue…

2. Hence our letters have been referred as mass petition.Therefore we are not getting individual replies now. As issue is related to DoPT it’s forwarded to there, however final decision would be taken by PMO as letters r addressed to PM and it has taken shape of grievance at national level. In every 15-20 days whatever letters are received at PMO regarding our issue are sent to dopt in bulk.

3. I have got the reference no : PMOPG/D/2018/0389208 on our any body having any contact in dopt/PMO ,can verify the status of our file.. all earlier information were correct..our matter has been discussed in DoPT and PMO…and decision will be taken soon on it

4. Besides today we have applied for pm appointment.its simple procedure..everybody can kindly go to pmo ,raisina hills and give application there..take 2 copies of application with draft letter on our issue/handwritten letter on our issue..take your id card with you..apply for appointment..u will get yes/no within 2 start applying from Monday..

5. Today we went to pm residence also...we were successful in going inside by discussing our issue with security personnel there..then we handed over our letters and appendix to the main reception desk inside pm residence...from there whichever dak is received by hand is mostly given to PM by hand…so within 1-2 days our letter will be given to PM by hand for sure…

FUTURE COURSE OF ACTION: Without doubt our letter campaign has been the most successful tool till date. Believe me guys, our issue was dead…it has again got momentum only due to the letters, which had been sent in huge numbers…whichever official we talked to in pmo /dopt today, knows about our letters..they even said, that they have received bags full of letters…and they were surprised that so many letters have been sent on single issue..that is why it has become a mass petition for a grievance of national level.

so i kindly request u to send letters again even if u have sent letters..more personalised hand written letter is more impact full.. plz refer to shared draft and write on your own..and that too quickly..

We don’t have much time..we need to follow everything..
Most importantly, we need to form regional groups for letter campaigning…we go to student areas in Delhi and get letters signed..similar activity can be pursued in all major cities…u can form groups and get letters signed from students who appeared between 2011-2015.

but if we are successful in sending 10000 letters our work will be done even without protests etc…we spend so much time, money, energy on protests etc..why not utilise 5% of it and send letters...we can achieve everything by it…understand it and please cooperate in this.


Shikha Vatsa

Documents & Dates of Movement


23rd September 2018. Jantar Mantar


8448807379 – Pradeep


download pdf
our movement

kindly send letters to Hon’ PM sir…the details are Given Below. kindly attach d receipt/AD slip here as u post letters so that we can c who r actually posting letters.

letters from all over India will have enormous impact..He will be bound to listen to our demands..and if u cannot even do this then leave all hopes of getting attempt

Prime Minister Address : 7 lok kalyan marg, New Delhi – 110011 Ph:23018939 23018668

Petition for  Prime Minister’s office for our demand of compensatory attempts


Click to access upsc_n12082018-1.pdf


Click to access refined-pm-letter.pdf

Appendix to the Draft, attach this also along with draft petition:

Read Questionnaire which justifies our demands.


Reply from DoPT on demand of compensatory Attempts:

Point no 5: The Government received representations for additional attempts in CSE 2016 to those candidates who had appeared in CSE 2012 or 2013 or 2014. But Government is of the opinion that these candidates had sufficient time to acclimatize themselves with the new pattern of CSE introduced in 2011.
Point no 6: The changes introduced in CSE 2015 rules that were notified on 23.05.2015 did not cause any disadvantage to the candidates as it made General Studies paper II merely a qualifying paper. Three months is sufficient time for candidates to prepare as per new format.

Counter Replies:

a) Responsibility of clearing Prelims just came on Paper 1 (200 marks), which has become luck based due to ambiguous generalization of Questions and lack of definite single source of answer is which must in MCQ type questions with negative marking.
b) Bias and Skewed nature of Paper-II in favour of Technical background candidates from 2011-2014, jeopardized the level playing field.
c) Making CSAT qualifying in 2015, is also Bias with Technical background candidates since change made just before 3 months without prior official intimation.

Prelims were introduced in 1979 on recommendations of Kothari Commission, motive of Prelims is to provide level-playing field to all candidates of diverse socio-economic background and faculties pan-India.

Thus by introducing CSAT in 2011, and making CSAT qualifying in 2015 is against the basic purpose of introduction of prelims as a screening test before mains Exam in CSE by UPSC.

#D .O. No.28015/01/2017-AIS
Dated: 07 June 2017
order has total 10 points but point 5 and point 6 are most relevant to our movement.

OUR achievements from last protest.

Movement arranged in end of July has been managed in just Eight days

  • We had aspirants joining us from across regions which regained the momentum and our confidence.
  • We are convinced Protest is essential to get attempts.
  • We are very enthusiastic that people join from all India.
  • Media coverage with two consecutive days with our positive outlook.
  • Full transparency of place, time, funds, communications, permissions, online management and promotions.
  • Full support of police and other authorities for protest.

WHY compensatory attempts?

RURAL Areas, HUMANITIES Background, VERNACULAR Medium and Women affected badly due to mismanaged changes in Pattern, Syllabus and exam procedure by UPSC through DoPT.

In 2014, 2 extra attempts were provided to all aspirants, BUT the Prelims exam continued to be discriminatory.


In 1979, Prelims were introduced and exam pattern was changed. UPSC had compensated students with three fresh attempts irrespective of age or category.

In 1992, Essay paper was introduced in Main exams, with some changes in syllabus. UPSC had compensated students with one fresh attempt and age relaxation of five years.


Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, Odisha Public Service Commission had previously adopted similar CSAT pattern, now have given relief by providing two compensatory attempts to all affected aspirants.